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Ant-Man review

August 7, 2015

Ant-Man Review by John Seedhouse They say that you don’t get anywhere by thinking small. Clearly Marvel has paid no heed to this with their summer offering. Ant-Man [...]

Fantastic Four – Review

August 5, 2015

Fantastic Four –¬†Review by John Seedhouse If ever there was a film that was going to be doomed by circumstance, then the 2015 attempt at taking Marvel Comics’ [...]

Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Review

August 4, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man 2 by John Seedhouse Comic readers in those dour days of the 1980s (pre-internet and stuck in the small towns) relied on black and white re-prints of the [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy – Review

August 4, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy by John Seedhouse Guardians of the Galaxy has been a long time coming. You probably don’t need to see the trailer again but here it is.   [...]

X-Men: Days of Future Past review

July 29, 2014

Given the fact that the film X-Men: Days of Future Past is based on a comic book story from the late 1980s it seems fairly apt that despite seeing the movie twice I have [...]