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Jessica Jones is coming to Netflix in this teaser trailer

Marvel’s latest offering via the Netflix platform promises to be a darker edged view of the universe we have been getting used to. Following on from the excellent Daredevil, Jessica Jones is coming to our (paid for) screens on November 20th.

Marvel/Netflix have released the teaser trailer today on the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel for A.K.A Jessica Jones. First impressions are that it is visually in tone with the fantastic work done by artist Michael Gaydos in the run of Alias. Hopefully the show is going to capture the grit that writer Brian Michael Bendis brought to that comic – a narrative not too far removed from his excellent POWERS series – which went live-action via the Playstation Network.

Here is the trailer.

Lots of purple tones in there so it will be interesting to see just how far the whole Kilgrave/Purple Man story goes in this series. Daredevil was dark to the point of bleak and Jessica Jones could well be following that style key, based on the teaser.

Roll on November 20…

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