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Guardians of the Galaxy – Review

Guardians of the Galaxy
by John Seedhouse

Guardians of the Galaxy has been a long time coming. You probably don’t need to see the trailer again but here it is.




Guardians of the Galaxy promo image

Here they are – The Guardians of the Galaxy

They always reckon that films get butchered for the good stuff, and that is what gets rammed into the trailer. The rest is dross. God help us that this has so many times proven true.

If you have sat in Millennium Point at any time in the last few months then the trailer will have drilled into your brain. This is one hyped up film. I have hyped it up. Mrs L has hyped it up. Marvel has not been shy about the expansion of the Cinematic Universe into the outer ends of the Galaxy. The post credit sequences have all lead up to this. It’s all a lot to live up to.

Kiddie gloves on, then and let’s pick 500 nice anodyne words to throw at Guardians of the Galaxy. Let’s pat it on the head and say “Well done, good effort. You tried your best.” Yeah, let’s do that. Good game, you bunch of no-hopers. We will all sit quietly, on our best behaviour, and give a muted round of supportive applause to the film that tried its damndest.

The Guardians of the Galaxy looking hard as nails

Well done then. Good effort. Thanks for trying.


Well, that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Does it suck? Is it an over-hyped 122 minutes of Marvel over-extending itself with a bunch of unknown characters? Is it heck?


This film is BIG. In the way that the late, great, Douglas Adams told us that space was big then Guardians of the Galaxy is flipping huge. Vast. Bigger than the big screen. It’s visually the equivalent of being smashed in the face by bigness. It is an Infinity Stone on a hammer, whacked into your head by a psychotic blue maniac.

It is also very very very funny. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt – Emmett from the Lego Movie) might just be the biggest A-hole in the galaxy, but he is not 100% a dick. He is this generation’s Hans Solo – a fractured-by-life chancer with a shot at redemption. More imbecile than hero according to his crew mates, the audience loves him.

For the first time in a long time I sat in a cinema where the audience oohed, aahed and laughed through a film. This was an experience – a shared adventure – a roller coaster ride across an unknown series of alien landscapes. Marvel has managed to make a film that gives us humanity in an environment where there are no humans. They have created a vast series of CGI sets that should distract us, and yet what keeps that room glued to the screen is the believability of a talking bomb-loving raccoon and a dialogue-challenged walking tree.

Rocket and Groot

A talking raccoon and a walking tree.


With Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel has the luxury of Disney money to really stretched the size of their fictional universe. This is the point where the plans get larger and leave us wondering just how they are going to interweave these strands together. There is an emphatic “The Guardians of the Galaxy WILL return” before the credits. That is a confidence usually reserved for James Bond, and it has allowed Marvel to open up and leave some unresolved threads to return to. Mrs L’s only criticism was the under-utilisation of Karen Gillan, and yet it’s pretty clear that Nebula will be figuring in the greater story plans.


Karen Gillan has the blues


Should you go to see this movie?

Yes. Yes, you should. You should go now. Call in sick and go. Go see it on a BIG screen. In 3D. With popcorn. Stop reading this and click here and just book it. It is just that good. We took a very good mate with us. He is not one for enthusiastic hyperbole. His comments? “This is like Star Wars was to us back in the 70s.” Oh and the soundtrack is just epic.






John went to see this tonight. He just got home. Probably somebody gave him sugar. John will probably be talking to his pet tree, and maybe playing spacey type stuff with the bemused cat, whilst persuading Mrs L that green body make-up is perfectly fine. You can read more stuff he does here and here. He does social media here, here and here too.


This review was first published on the Millennium Point blog as a Giant Screen review. You can see it here, but it is exactly the same…

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