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Minions – review

Minions – Review
by John Seedhouse

Having spent a few hours feeling cinematically despondent from watching the new Fantastic Four film, Mrs L took control of all things summery and entertainy with the suggestion of Minions. So here is a Minions – review.

You can’t escape the Minions. They are everywhere. I suppose the trailer is a good selling point but Illumination may well have had a suspicion that if they built it they would come…



I’m not really sure why we are the last people on the planet to see Minions – it’s not an aversion to yellow. We have both been equally keen on the idea of a Despicable Me prequel so it probably comes down to the times of the shows. We found an early evening one in 2D so decided to double it with Ted 2.


We once had a terrible cinema experience with Gravity in a 9pm showing. The cinema seemed to think it was fine to allow parents to bring a very tiny infant with them – leading to the entirely predictable end result. This probably makes me a terrible film audience snob.

6-20 showing of a kids film? In the holidays? Blissful. Kids everywhere else eating tea and so it was pretty much a sniggering adult audience except for the 2 young lads with their parents, who were probably embarrassed by the tittering grown-ups…


I like 3D and Minions is in some theatres in 3D. To be honest I didn’t miss it (although there is a neat post credits which probably does it justice. I would take a punt and say that if you get the chance, 3D might be worth it for this one but not essential.


As far as stories go this is a pretty simple one. It is a romp and makes no pretense of being anything other than a series of funny incidents strapped on the back of a quest. It is not a difficult narrative device to pull off and it makes you wonder how Josh Trank managed to screw it up so badly for Fantastic Four

Minions - review. Kevin, Stuart and Bob embark on their quest

Kevin, Stuart and Bob embark on a heroic quest…


Life for Minions is fun. Even when there are consequences to actions, a quick snigger resolves all ills. Social media seems to feel that this is a philosophy for life according to the memetic impact of the little guys. I am not so sure about that but there is certainly a happy factor.


As Mrs L points out – Minions gravitate towards evil doers and yet they have a talent for accidentally causing good. The <spoiler> appearance of a certain prominent nosed individual towards the end hints at the redemption effect of all things yellow and denim.


Obviously choosing random words as titles has not allowed any form of useful assessment of Minions but did you really expect any? You either saw it already, or grumbled and stuck your head in the sand the moment it hit your radar.

I liked it. It was silly. Mrs L liked it. It is well voiced and even though you only ever get hints as to what Kevin, Stuart and Bob are saying, it doesn’t matter one bit. They are happy and just like the frustrations of their “masters”, you should be too.


Big ukulele 

Minions - review Electric Ukelele

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Go see it, or buy the DVD when it gets released.

Minions - review Big Kiss

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John is a grown man who needed some lunacy. He is glad he listened to his wife. He is not yellow and does not own dungarees.


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