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Ted 2 review

Ted 2 Review
by John Seedhouse

Seth MacFarlane is a pretty twisted puppy. Anyone who watches Family Guy would agree. What he is good at is hiding some pretty dark ideas behind seemingly innocent tropes.

The first Ted film was an out and out buddy-party film with the veneer of schmaltzy kids movie. It was funny. It had soft drugs, sex and Flash Gordon. It was also pretty self-contained in a rights of passage/ happy endings (mind out of the gutter, please) way.

I hadn’t expected a sequel but there is and so here is the trailer.

There is also a “red band” cut … (NSFW)


So there is filth then?

Yes, there is filth. There are sexually explicit swear words and gratuitous pot smoking (in one scene from a bong shaped like a penis), and a preoccupation with the internet only ever being 2 clicks from “black c*cks.” It’s pretty clean filth and quite well done.

Funny filth?

Did you laugh at the first one? If so, then Ted 2 is probably going to make you react the same way.

Any other humour?

I watched it with Mrs L and other than films, we tend to go to comedy gigs. There is a scene with an improv troupe in a comedy club. It’s funny. Very funny – if you have been to one too many pretentious improv nights… Nobody mentions Starbucks…

I heard that this is a civil rights movie. Does it get a bit Malcolm X-y?

Okay, so here is the problem with Ted 2. There is a story. I’ll outline it briefly…

Ted – A sentient bear – is not a real person. This causes all the set up from Ted (the first film) to get messed up and requires a court room scene or two to drive the story.  Ted (the bear) loses everything and then <buddy movie> which leads to resolution. Amanda Seyfried is the trainee lawyer who can save the day, and also provide redemption for Mark Wahlberg’s character.

There is a bit of civil rights chucked in, and Morgan Freeman turns up.

Oooh, star studded then?

Ish… Are you a Trekkie at all? If so, then Worf and Kira (from DS9) show up. I wasn’t much of a fan of Kira in Deep Space Soap but Michael Dorn has played the devil in Cow and Chicken, and there is a cool Sci-fi pay-off in reel 3.

Also, Flash Gordon. Again. As a priest.

Ted 2 - review Flash Gordon animated gif


Should I go?

Catch it now or wait for the DVD/Blu-ray/download. It is a decent diversion if a little mix and match. I probably chuckled more than Mrs L.


Final Thoughts?

Weed is a category B drug, kids.

Probably 3 c*ck shaped bongs out of a possible 5.


John is prone to giggle at dumb comedy. He does not have a talking bear. He also thought that the premise for Law and Order was a bit sh*t.


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